Message from the Deputy Director

Welcome to Nepal Medical College! Choosing to serve as a health professional is a brave decision in itself. But in a fiercely competitive world of today, only the luckiest ones get the opportunity to pursue the career of their choice, let alone medical sciences. You are amongst these fortunate people. You are now starting on an ongoing medical journey which is not only limited to getting a degree but encompasses learning and acquiring
new skills, garnering experiences that ultimately help you become a competent and capable medical professional. Our job at NMC is to ease your learning process and ensure high quality medical education.

As a first year student, medical studies may seem like a challenge and even daunting at times. But with some hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance, it can be quite interesting. Keeping studies aside, enjoy your leisure time. Learn to tap into your full potential and make best utilization of this opportunity.

All the best!

Dr. Satyam Upadhayaya